Our Story

Founded to bring a more green and eco-friendly transportation lifestyle, Vakole is a new raising star with innovative technology. Our bikes can easily arrive 100km long range on a single charge. The fast charging technology also makes it a shorter time to get fully charged and perform a more efficient riding experience for our riders. Bikes are also represent fashion, so Vakole e-bikes were designed to be compatible with the aesthetics. But at the same time, practicability is our ultimate pursuit.




To make the comfortable ride accessible for all ages, both men and women. Everyone could find the happiness when riding.


To provide people a new transportation method with green tech and sustainability.

To change people’s lives by boosting our outdoor electrical mobility in a more enjoyable way.


To offer people the latest bikes with high performance on durability and long range experience.



To offer a comforatble, eco-friendly lifestyle for bicycle enthusiasts and green life lovers.

To create a new trend of transportation that everyone can ride at an affordable price.

To be one of the leading brand of smart e-bikes and full of innovation in creating a better world.


Team Vakole,