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VAKOLE CO26 Electric Mountain Bike

VAKOLE CO26 Electric Mountain Bike

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Main Features

750W Brushless Motor

48V/750W Brushless Motor for VAKOLE CO26 has high performance, low noise and low consumption. Perfectly working with the controller to reduce friction and make the electric bicycle run more smoothly and more efficiently. This powerful motor allows bike's top speed arrive 25 km/h (can be unlocked).


15Ah Lithium Battery & 4A Fast Charger

Simple design and compact size make the bicycle beautiful and generous. The battery weighs only 3KG. It is one of the lightest battery packs on the market for electric bikes. Easy to install and disassemble with waterproof design, long cycle life, it can travel more than 40KM by electric mode on a single charge. With VAKOLE's 4A fast charger, the charging time is only around 4 hours compared to other e-bikes on the market.


26 X 4.0" Fat Mountain Tire

VAKOLE CO26 has 4.0" wide mountain tires with extremely cut-resistant and wear-resistant feature. This densely woven fabric is lightweight and highly flexible. To ensure that the performance of the tire is not affected by the excellent grip, the pattern design provides good grip and stability. The tread design is deep and wide, and the drainage is good. It is very suitable for driving on snow, mountain, and rugged roads, even hunting.


New Yolin color Screen LCD Meter
Display Real-time speed :“RT SPEED“, “MAX SPEED“, average speed :“AVG SPEED“, and Km/h or mile/h. The new color display can be set according to your habits.
Intelligent battery indicator that provides stable battery reminders through an optimization algorithm. 5 levels of backlight brightness so you can change it to be a comfortable brightness at night. And it still has a Mileage display, Output power indication, Walk assist function, Speed measuring magnets number adjustment, and so on. Walk boost mode is very helpful when you want to walk for a while.


Hydraulic Oil Disc Brakes

Hydraulic disc brakes use a sealed fluid system to transfer the braking force from the lever to the caliper.

Pros of Hydraulic Disc Brakes:
More likely to last longer
Less maintenance
More brake stopping power


Mountain Bike Seat With Light

VAKOLE CO26, the eMTB , we use a new seat with a light (uses small batteries, no cables ). There is a switch to turn on/off it.


Shimano 7 Speed Transmission

As we know, the 7-speed Shimano system is the standard transmission mechanism mentioned by many riders. Riders can adjust the bike's gear according to personal preference to adapt to different road conditions, such as tilt, bumps, or other difficulties. Most importantly, the 7-speed Shimano bike can travel on different terrains. The lower gears make it easier to pedal, and the higher gears make it easier to move downhill.


Lockable Suspension Fork

CO26's high-strength shock absorber front fork allows you to be more relaxed and comfortable when riding, and no longer afraid of bumps. Meanwhile, the lock switch can be manually locked or opened depending on riding conditions. And, you can adjust it as soft or hard as your wish.The separate fork-shaped bridge design makes the outer tube of the front fork stronger and effectively prevents dust pollution during riding.



Three Riding Models

Firstly, VAKOLE CO26 has three riding modes as our other fat tire electric bikes. They are electric, pedal-assisted, and ordinary models.This MTB has a 5-gear PAS. Different modes can be selected according to the needs. Different electric assist levels are used in combination with mechanical gears to maintain stability. Step and deal with various terrains, extend battery life, and run farther.

P8 is the drive mode setting. The available drive modes are:

00: Pedal assist only

01: Electric only

02: Both Pedal assist and electric.


Front and Rear Shock Absorber

CO26 has front and rear 1000LBS double shock absorption. It improves the bike's traction, control, and rider comfort, and is the best choice for ultimate performance. The full shockproof system keeps your tires stay in contact with the ground when riding on rugged ground, and bumps. Meanwhile, when long distances riding, it will improve traction, instead of rebounding from bumps and losing grip, and reducing the risk of making mistakes on rough terrain.When you hit the roots and rocks at high speed, the full-suspension electric bicycle will also significantly weaken the force through the pedals and handlebars.


Walk boost mode

Long Press and hold ”-”, the electric bicycle enters the walk boost mode. The electric bicycle will walk at a fixed speed of 6 km per hour and the display shows “walking status”. Release the button to stop the power output immediately and restore it to the state before the walk boost.

Don't use it when riding.

Get user manual here:


Learn how to use the display


Meter Display
Color screen LCD meter
Frame Material
Aluminum Alloy
Battery Voltage
Charger Voltage
100-240V 4A
Charger Plug Type
EU standard plug
Charging Time
3.5-4 hours
Motor Wattage
60 N.m
Speed Level
5 levels
Mechanical Shift
7-speed gears
Riding Modes
1. Electric-only mode
2. Cycling mode (without electricity)
3. Pedal-assist mode"
CST 26*4.0"
Hydraulic Disc brake
Shock Absorber
Lockable front fork suspension & soft tail mechanical suspension
25 km/h (can be unlocked)
Mileage of Pure Electric
40-60 km
Mileage of Assistance
70-110 km
Maximum Load
150 kg
Rear Seat Bracket Maximum Load
50 kg
Suitable Height
165-200 cm
Big beam light
Tail Light
Yes (installed under the seat )
Turn Signal Light
Front & rear fender
Front & rear wheel
Waterproof Level
IP54(life waterproof, can be used in the rain)
Net Weight of the Bike
30 kg
Weight of Battery
4.2 kg
Gross Weight
37 kg
Packing Mode
Disassemble the front wheel
Package Size
Accessories Pack
1*Hanging bag
1*Tyre repair tool
1*Tyre pump
1*Multi-function tool kit
1*Phone holder
1*Turn signal light (installed under the seat )

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